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Conclusion Of The Association Agreement

The broad outlines of an agreement with a commercial company are identical to those of civil law partnership contracts. Compared to other private law contracts, the social contract is specific. On the one hand, a social contract sets out performance obligations – for example, an obligation to contribute to the company`s assets. Therefore, a partnership contract has characteristics of a contract that creates obligations. On the other hand, the agreement is an organizational contract that aims to form an association of persons.*8 The social contract is a social contract that does not cover the exchange of benefits.*9 Typical forms of mutual contract, such as sales contracts, rental contracts or employment contracts, involve an exchange of performance of contractual obligations. The purpose of a social contract is to consolidate benefits.*10 Reciprocity of contractual obligations in a social contract means that each partner can require the other partners to perform in accordance with the contract – in particular to contribute to the partnership`s assets. 1. Warmly welcomes the fact that the Association Agreement is an important step forward in EU-Georgia relations and that it embodies a commitment to the path of political association and economic integration; welcomes the financial assistance granted to Georgia in 2014, in line with the principle of `more resources for further reforms`; stresses that ratification of the agreement is not the ultimate goal in itself and that it is essential to fully implement the Convention as soon as possible; 2. the intention to create close economic and political cooperation (more than just cooperation); 3. .


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