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Colorado Real Estate Purchase Agreement Pdf

The fillable form CBS1-8-13 requires the agreement of many details and provisions, but the most important information to cover is: The contract for the purchase and sale of real estate (housing) is also marked as CBS1-8-13. The contract serves as an offer to purchase real estate. This document confirms the obligation for the buyer to purchase the property at a price agreed by both parties. It also records the terms of the transaction. Disclosure of transportation projects. Concluded by the seller, if he is aware of the existence of a proposed transport project that influences or is expected to affect the property. (CO Rev Stat § 38-35.7-105) Look at these forms when buying real estate, but if you sell real estate, you should be interested in these forms. Colorado`s real estate values are already high, but they continue to rise. In addition, the rental prices are exceptional. For these reasons, it is in your best interest to check all your forms with a licensed real estate attorney in Colorado. In some cases, it may be best to create your own custom form. Special Taxing Districts (§ 38-35.7-101) – All residential purchase agreements in the State of Colorado must contain this statement in bold (included in the contract of sale below).

The Colorado Residential Real Estate Purchase Agreement is a contract that defines the terms of a residential real estate activity between a buyer and a seller. It can only be used for residential real estate for which construction is completed. When a real estate agent uses a form prepared by a lawyer in accordance with Rule 7.1, that broker remains responsible for making all necessary information to all parties in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations applicable to real estate agents. What types of forms should you follow? It depends on the real estate transaction you enter into. A contract to buy and sell residential properties in Colorado is a document negotiated by two parties, a buyer and a seller, with the intention of proceeding with a residential real estate transaction. This Agreement contains the terms of the agreement between the two parties, including the price, financing options, termination possibilities, details of the conclusion of the sale, all applicable contingencies and other details that legally bind the parties. The state requires sellers to submit a disclosure statement containing a contract to buy and sell residential real estate in Colorado, informing the buyer of the condition of the property as well as past or existing issues. Oil and gas activities (§ 38-35.7-108) – If the property is subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission, the transferor is legally obliged to include this declaration of publicity in the contract of sale before performance. . . .

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