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Block Booking Agreement

Before we continue, we need to ask: are you sure you need a hotel room contract? Many hotels offer free room blocks for groups of less than 30 rooms. The best part is that there are usually no bonds or contracts in this type of space block. In addition, hotels often offer a discounted price for these rooms. We now come to the more advanced jargon. The turnover rate refers to the percentage of rooms to be filled to avoid the payment of a penalty. For example, suppose you make a block of 20 rooms for your wedding. However, only 13 rooms are booked by your guests and your contract states that your turnover rate is 75%. This means that you now have to pay for these two unused coins. In many cases, you are in the best position not to have a fluctuation clause in your contract.

Negotiating your contract isn`t just about numbers and percentages. Consider asking for amenities such as gift bags in your guests` rooms, a morning brunch, or an upgrade to the bridal suite. A hotel`s willingness to provide such extras helps you determine where you want to book your hotel room blocks. Once you have the ring on your finger (or really well before), visions of white dresses, stunning cakes, and flowery flowers begin to dance through your head. Unfortunately, wedding planning isn`t always as much fun as a negotiation exercise. One of the most necessary and obviously frustrating aspects of planning your wedding can be negotiating your hotel room. In order to calm your nerves and prevent you from signing a contract out of frustration, we have put together a list of important tips that will help you master your negotiations. With all this in mind, you can negotiate a hotel room contract that works for you. Of course, you can`t start trading until you find the place of your dreams. Start your search with our wedding planning tool and discover the Inn or resort that makes all these negotiations and deals interesting. If your group is too big to qualify for a courtesy block, go into the interesting world of contracts. No matter how much you want to remove this from your wedding planning checklist, don`t sign a contract without looking at the fine print.

By checking the following conditions, you can make sure that you have a contract that makes you and your hotel happy. If you`re planning a wedding, the deposit amount should be a term you`re familiar with….

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