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Special Trade Passenger Ships Agreement (Stamp) 1971

Special Agreement on Merchant Ships, 1971; Protocol on Space Requirements for Special Commercial Passenger Ships, 1973 This agreement is the general rules that apply to the specific circumstances of special operations in regulation (e) (ii) Regulation 11 and (b) iv) Regulation 3 of Chapter III of the agreement. The application of a possible revision or modification of the agreement to these vessels is being considered by the parties to this agreement who are directly interested in the special works and, if necessary, these governments will continue to amend this agreement in accordance with Article VII. This agreement enters into force six months after three contracting governments signed this agreement without reservation to challenge the acceptance or filing of instruments of acceptance or accession with the Article V Organization of this agreement; provided that at least two of these governments are state governments in whose territory ships are registered for specific trades or whose nationals are transported on ships carrying these activities. The vessels covered by this agreement are passenger vessels engaged in special professional activities and registered in countries whose governments are contracting governments of the 1960 International Convention for the Protection of Life at Sea (`the Convention`) and vessels of that agreement, as well as vessels registered in areas to which the application of the Convention has been extended in accordance with Article XIII , and the application of this Convention has been extended in accordance with Article 1, paragraph 1, of Article 1, paragraph 1, in accordance with Article 1, paragraph 1. IX of this. This agreement may be amended by unanimous agreement between the contracting parties of governments. Considering that the requirements of Chapters II and III of the above agreement could be amended for domestic-registered passenger vessels engaged in special professional activity for a large number of unsapped passengers, these vessels must meet the requirements of the convention applicable to passenger vessels, subject to the amendments and additions provided by the rules attached to this agreement. Considering that Regulation 1, Point (e), Chapter 11 and Regulation 3, Point b), Chapter III of that Convention provide, as a precondition for the exemption from the requirements of those chapters, that steps be taken to formulate general rules applicable to the particular circumstances of those transactions; formulate, in accordance with these regulations, the general rules that impose minimum safety standards applicable to the particular circumstances of these transactions; Special Agreement on Commercial Passengers, 1971 Acceptance: October 6, 1971 Entry into force: 2 January 1974 The United Nations or any government contracting the Convention which, in accordance with paragraph (a) of this article, made a statement in accordance with item (a) of this article at any time after the expiry of a five-year period from the date of its extension to a territory , may declare in writing to the organization that this agreement is no longer extended to a territory mentioned in the notification.

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