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Sample Domiciliation Agreement

10 TAX AFFILIATION Tax authorities are subject to certain conditions of business domicile for companies with regard to corporation tax, VAT and territorial economic contribution (CET). It decides the terms of the residence agreement and the situation of the domiciled company if it is tax-linked to the address of the home. Conditions for the residence: 1. Conditions relating to the residence: In practice, the following rules apply to ensure that the domicile centre complies with the conditions of the decree of 5 December 1985, the provision of premises to the CLIENT for a regular meeting of officials responsible for the administration, administration or supervision of the company. The home is required to provide at least one office assigned as a priority to local businesses. The provision of this office must be indicated among the services provided in the home agreement. the installation of services necessary for the preservation and preservation of books, records and documents required by law and by law. This condition, set by decree of 5 December 1985, remains applicable. However, the measure of tolerance is accepted in the fact that the domizitum is not required to permanently keep the accounting documents of established companies if the domicile agreement that provides the service is accompanied by a solemn declaration stating: – first, when the accounting is carried out and invoices are stored; second, it undertakes to provide the documents in the event of an administrative review at the address of the place of residence.

, subject to sanctions under Article L.74 of the Book of Tax Procedures (LPF) in the event of an objection to tax control. The Domiziliant asks its customers once a year to confirm its original premises and informs the control centre of any changes to the annual list mentioned in No 11. If Certificate 7 is not presented or if it presents a statement that turns out to be inaccurate, it will lead to the strict application of the provisions of Decree No. 5 December 1985 and will result in the denial of residence whenever the centre of the home does not provide the client with the necessary possibilities for the accounting and retention of invoices. A standard recommended letter is sent to the Domizilaver to verify their operating conditions and remind them of their obligations. Page 2 Following a complaint to the Supreme Court, counsel for the applicant argued that the domicile of the payments under the contract was not identical to the assignment of the contract. Counsel also argued that the defendant was not entitled to the interest on the loan agreement between the respondent and the contract, as the applicant did not agree with the contract. Counsel argued that, although the Court determines jurisdiction, in some cases the facts of the deposed insurance under oath, as well as the matching insurance and related exhibits, would be invoked to resolve the issue of jurisdiction.

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