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Pagabo Access Agreement

In addition to this crucial government support to quickly activate major emergency projects, Pagabo was the only framework provider that offered its framework agreements free of charge in the event of an extreme emergency. Procurement can be demanding, complex and tedious. With Pagabo, we make things faster, easier and more efficient. Our framework agreements connect you to the right contractors for a wide range of construction parts, services and products. They are free to access, easy to use and fully compliant with frames suitable for any purchase project. The results? Projects that run smoothly, quickly and offer real value for money. It`s as simple as that. We usually spend a PIN when bidding for a new iteration of an executive. To ensure that you can access tender documents for all executives, please register your business data on our intention portal. Yes, all Pagabo framework agreements are fully compliant with the UK and EU – in accordance with the latest Public Contracts Regulations (2015) / Public Contracts Regulations (2006). Modern framework agreements that connect you to good contractors.

They are freely accessible, easy to use and fully compliant – with frames suitable for any purchase project. Pagabo makes public procurement faster, simpler and more efficient for public sector organisations in the UK by providing compliant framework agreements, a dynamic procurement system and tailored advice, provided and supported by a team of qualified MCIPS procurement experts. Pagabo believes that experts simplify things, and that`s the philosophy of everything they do. From easy-to-understand prices and documentation to the simplicity they create to get started, their frames are designed to make it easier to launch your project. In fact, it is completely free to access pagabo executives and hire consultants and contractors. Pagabo frames can be used for free if you sign up for your customer access contract. To learn more about how to take advantage of the use of the De Pagabo professional services framework, please email or contact one of our Pagabo teams directly. Just sign the Customer Access Agreement (available on all dedicated Framework websites) and send it back to us. We receive this rubber stamped by the adjudicator power and as soon as it passes, you will have free and immediate access to the frame! The use of a Pagabo framework agreement is simple. First, acceense the agreement (see FAQ-Frage 3). You can then work with suppliers on framework conditions and appoint them in different ways (according to the framework agreement): get quick and easy access to goods, services and works – with national frameworks fully COMPLIANT with the EU/UK for public sector projects of all sizes.

“This was a worrying time for the sector where work is declining, but despite the exceptional circumstances, we have seen a huge amount of access agreements from customers who wanted access to our existing frameworks.” In the context of all of this, we are seeing a huge number of customer access agreements going through, which is really encouraging.

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