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Cdkeys Billing Agreement

4.3 Your account, including all related information (for example. B, contact information, billing information, key CD details, account history, etc.) is strictly personal to you. Therefore, you cannot sell or charge others for the right to use your account or otherwise transfer your account unless this Agreement expressly allows it. p. “seller`s agreement,” the terms and conditions of a seller and/or an agreement between a buyer and a seller to formalize their agreement, which defines the main terms of their engagement, such as. B for example, an end-user agreement specific to a particular program. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us by taking a support ticket from j. “online store,” the platform, all online tools made available, processed and/or maintained by (including, but not limited to: website; all sub-sites and sub-domains related to; any associated domain and mobile application offering access to services or facilitating the provision of services). 15.1 Users agree to compensate and compensate of all claims, claims, losses, losses, damages, assessments, royalties, charges, costs and expenses that may result from the following consequences; (ii) injuries, accidents, health problems, property or property damage, loss of income, property or business reputation, or other means that may be caused by the use of a service, sales services and/or in connection with a program; or (iii) errors, errors or inaccuracies in users` content and/or information available on the online store or online store; or (iv) bugs, viruses, trojans or other bugs that can be transmitted by you or via the online store; or (v) disputes, conflicts or disputes between a buyer and a seller or a third party in connection with the services or sales program. 2.3 Buyers understand, accept and acknowledge that any transaction and/or agreement with a seller as a result of your oral or written use of the Services is only between you and the Seller and is not a party. Notwithstanding these terms and conditions, it may be necessary for buyers to enter into contractual agreements with sellers and/or accept the seller`s terms and conditions to acquire a program. In this case, is not a party to the seller`s contract and is not responsible for the performance of the obligations arising from the seller contract between buyers and sellers. disclaims any liability arising from or in connection with such a sales contract. 12.2 For contractual purposes, users (i) agree to receive communications in electronic form via the email address they have transmitted or via the online store; and (ii) agree that all the terms and conditions, agreements, communications, communications and other communications they provide electronically meet all the legal requirements that would be met if they were made by physical writing or in a traditional mailing; and (iii) Without prejudice to clauses 12.2 (i) and 12.2 (ii), users agree to comply with clause 16.5 for any use of the notification. I never bought anything there, Indie Not Even Genoux, which made the until they PayPal me 50 euros… PayPal,, omnyex and all trademarks that appear, are displayed or used from time to time or as part of the online store service are registered trademarks of; not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, used, modified or broadcast in any way without the prior written permission of

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